BH&M Environmental Consultants | ABOUT BH&M
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What BH&M truly does for you and the environment

BH&M Environmental Consultants, INC was established as a small business in Memphis and is continually growing far beyond the Shelby County limits. With years of quality workmanship provided by our certified employees in the environmental field, BH&M has accrued 100+ years of experience. BH&M is also one of the few existing NVLAP accredited labs in the state of Tennessee allowing for PLM (polarized light microscopy) samples to undergo thorough and accurate analysis. After providing ten years of service to the local community and other regions outside of Tennessee our mission remains the same; aiming to provide nothing short of exceptional services that fall in line with and enforce environmental regulations to keep our citizens, our communities, and our world in safer health.

NVLAP accreditation does not confer or imply certification, approval, or endorsement by NVLAP, NIST, or any agency of the U.S. Government.


BH&M has the scientific knowledge and technical expertise to conduct thorough environmental assessments. This can prove to be very beneficial if you or your company is considering buying a piece of land for development, we can fully assess the land before the purchase, and research any previous investigations of that particular site. We also conduct field surveys, and collect data to establish a baseline condition for levels of pollution or contamination for the area of consideration.


Environment, health and safety (EHS) is a discipline and specialty that studies and implements practical aspects of environmental protection and safety at work.  Organizations based in the United States are subject to EHS regulations in the Code of Federal Regulations, particularly CFR 29, 40, and 49.


Training is not simply a regulatory requirement or a compulsory exercise. A well designed and executed training program is the cornerstone of a strong safety culture that provides a significant return on investment by increasing safety awareness, ensuring compliance, reducing workplace incidents, and ultimately lowering operating costs.


BH&M training programs are based on years of practical industry experience, and our trainers and curriculum developers are current practicing professionals. We can meet clients at locations across the country or at their sites to perform a thorough training needs assessment to develop a customized training program.


By taking the time to understand our clients, their business drivers, and their company cultures, we can provide training that engages and motivates employees. Our unique approach to integrating daily work experiences and routines into the training facilitates increased health and safety awareness, which often leads to higher workplace function, better efficiency, and greater productivity.