BH&M Environmental Consultants | WORK HISTORY
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Since its establishment, our experienced staff has developed relationships with both local and out-of-state organizations, providing multiple environmental services. listed below is a short reference of past and current projects performed by the BH&M team:

  1. Lucite International – Legionella testing, weak acid stream and effluent waste stream characterization, and dosimeter noise testing.
  2. Harding Academy – asbestos, lead, and mold air monitoring; industrial hygiene
  3. Memphis Light, Gas & Water – Phase I Environmenal Assesment asbestos, lead, mold air monitoring, asbestos surveys, industrial hygiene, and storm water compliance sampling.
  4. University of Mississippi – asbestos air monitoring.
  5. University of Memphis – asbestos air monitoring.
  6. First Tennessee – radon testing, environmental management, and industrial hygiene.
  7. NSA Navy Base – mold, lead, and asbestos air monitoring; surveys.
  8. Brand – asbestos air monitoring and sampling.
  9. University of Tennessee – asbestos, lead, and mold air monitoring.